Hi, I'm Chris Mullenberg

In order to commit to a process of growth and development, it's important that you get to know your guide. It's one thing to rattle off your achievements but it's another to share the good, bad and ugly of your journey.

Make no mistake, the "shift storm" is here. And I'm devoting my time, talents and resources to helping agents that are just crazy enough to join me to drive massive growth in their business and life during the wild economic times that are coming.

Here's a little about me and why I'm so passionate about helping agents like you build businesses that allow for true time and money freedom.


I grew up in (enter small, unknown town here) Iowa. My dad was a Realtor/homebuilder, so I was involved in the business from an early age. I got my real estate license in 2008 at 19 years old while going to college. I was hooked!


After studying abroad in Italy, I worked as a bike tour guide all over the Italian wine regions. Upon returning to the States, my wife (then girlfriend) and I took an epic 6 month road trip, living in a 1990 Ford F-150. We traversed the entire western US and Baja Mexico.


Having lived on the road and out of a backpack for 2 years, it was time to pick a spot to land. We decided on Wenatchee, WA for its beautiful mountains & rivers and 300+ days of sunshine. We started the original version of The Mullenberg Team and sold 45 homes in 18 months.


Colorado just kept calling our name, so we picked up and moved to Fort Collins where we knew nobody and started a new real estate business from scratch. Within two years we grew to be the #1 Team at Keller Williams Northern CO.


Having built two top-producing "solo agent" businesses (working 70+ hours per week), I finally admitted that I needed to build a team in order to scale and get some balance in my life. I hired my first full-time administrator and buyer's agent and we sold an average of 55 homes per year from 2017-2020.


Then 7 years into my real estate career, I had sold a lot of homes and made some decent money, but I was officially BURNED OUT! My health, marriage and friendships were suffering. I needed a new path, and I found it when I started coaching with Real Estate B-School. I then committed to building my business the right way, with the right people, systems and processes that allowed me to make more and work less.


I started seeing results! Our team sold 150 homes in two years and I personally worked the least number of hours of my entire career. With the guidance of my coaches, I was starting to believe that a business that made more money while I worked less was possible.


I literally NEVER thought I would leave my old brokerage, but many of the smartest real estate business people I knew had recently made the move to eXp Realty. I reluctantly decided to at least learn the eXp model to understand it. The power of the model was UNDENIABLE! My team and I made the move to eXp and are now keeping more money than ever before and are plugged into coaching and camaraderie that I've never experienced anywhere else.


My mission is now helping agents build businesses that give them TIME, MONEY and LOCATION freedom. I'm here to help you avoid building a business that enslaves you to the rat race forever. I'm so passionate about this because I've been in your shoes! I'm here to pour everything I've got into those select agents who are committed to creating a life of freedom. Let's MAXIMIZE together! Life's too short not to.


I got RE license at age 19 to help in my dad's real estate and home building business.


I started a real estate business in Wenatchee, WA as a new agent. Built a top solo agent business in under 2 years.


I moved to Fort Collins, CO without knowing a single person. Basically restarted my real estate career.


I grew another top solo agent business quickly in 2 years.


I started The Mullenberg Team.


Grew The Mullenberg Team to 85 units $35 million in volume.


Joined eXp in 2022.


Started coaching and training agents to maximize their life and businesses.

The Journey Wasn't Easy & I Made All The Mistakes Possible But Now I Get to Help Others Get There With Less Pain & Struggle

Have you let your family down because of real estate? Are you stressed all the time because of constant deal drama? Are you letting work get in the way of taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually?

I would often wonder on any given day:

  • When will the time I put into real estate pay off financially?

  • How can I stop working so many hours, especially nights and weekends?

  • How can I find and bring on quality people so I don’t have to do all the work myself?

  • How can I stop working IN my business and start working ON my business?

Have You Ever Asked Yourself Questions Like These?

I ask, because there’s quite a bit of misleading information out there in terms of growing your real estate sales business. Most traditional real estate coaching programs teach you how to sell more homes no matter what the consequences are in your personal life. And you end up working more hours to serve the increased demands of your business.

It’s a formula that doesn’t work if you want to have a life outside of real estate.

I was able to build a profitable, systems driven business that allowed me to step up in the areas of life that mattered most to me. And now you can too!

Knowing precisely how rocky my journey was, how many mistakes I made, I knew I could help others get there in half the time — and with less pain and suffering. And so I decided to pass on the wisdom and insights that I learned along the way.

If you are at the point in your journey where you’ve achieved traditional success and it’s just not giving you the time and money freedom you deserve, it’s time to take a different approach.

It’s time to find out what you can do different to build a business worth owning so you have a life worth living.

Let’s Make a Difference Together!

Chris Mullenberg

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